1. If you could visit one country, what would it be?
I WANNA GO TO HILL VALLEY. Does that count? Yes? No? Please. :|

2. What is your favorite possession?
Uhhh… my glasses, I guess. :B

3. What are your favorite video games?
PORTAL. The BTTF game. Pokemon. Phoenix Wright. The World Ends With You. Harvest Moon. Uhhhh… The Sims, sometimes. And Crash Bandicoot. And No More Heroes. And Trauma Center. And wtf there are so much more but I might bore everyone to death. 

4. Siblings?
Three sisters, one brother. I’m the oldest. :3 

5. Dream career?
I just want a job that I don’t hate with all my being, you know? :| Maybe a computer software engineer working for a semi-respectable software company. Y’know, until a beautiful, bald, black man ambushes me and tells me to pick between a red and blue pill…