It’s 3 am in the morning, conversation got boring and you said you’re going to bed soon. The people that I was talking to wanted to sleep already so they logged off.
So I’m here awake at 3 am supposed to study for the term test but then my laziness struck again. I decided to listen to our graduation song which is “Showing us the way”, I’m just not sure who sang it though, and it makes me super sad. We have 30 days left before graduation. Graduation. Just hearing it makes me think off how time flies so fast. And the thought of parting with everyone just makes me want to cry more.

I’ve been with the same class for 3 consecutive years. I love our class, we’re actually not a class, we’re more of a family. :) I just can’t imagine parting ways with them because they are all so special. This school year started off with a kick, everyone was so hyped. Now that it’s almost ending everybody is starting to become so nostalgic.

When I try to remember the things that happened in senior year I always I think that it happened a long long time ago but when I think about it, it was just months ago. When I say it like that it sounds like time moved slow but when I think about it now, it moved so fast. We did so many things in a short period of time. Sometimes other activities don’t even sink in. CGS, Intrams, Prom and other activities are over. All we have left is Graduation. Even though high school was such a roller coaster I loved it because of all the people who rode on the roller coaster with me. It was all worth it.