hello! i am brandon, and it would mean a lot to me if you took the time to read this post.
i need a haircut really badly and my parents won’t let me go get one because it is “unnecessary”. to be honest if you look at the photo above it looks pretty freaking necessary to me!
they are very strict and really refuse to let me do it………… unless i get 100 signatures on my petition that is!!!!!!!!!!!!
so out of the kindness of your heart please sign my petition and then reblog this post to spread the word so that i can chop off these locks and be a real man.
the link to the petition is here: https://www.change.org/petitions/my-parents-let-me-cut-my-hair
thank you so much! every signature counts!!

wow i’ve been awake for 33 hours straight


marlin stop bein such a frank
stop bein such a……….

brotp 4 life ok


fuck lana i can’t even remember how i lived without you and your foxology posts

i love you kennedy

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